This folder can really easily get out of hand organizational wise. Therefore, if you're going to post, you have to do it as follows.

Find the subject for what it is you want to do and click on it to reply. Don't just post a message. For example, if you want to post some warez you have uploaded, click on "All Warez Here", then click "Reply to Message", that way your response will go under the "All Warez Here" section.

If you don't do this, your post will just go anywhere, and that's going to be too confusing, I don't want people to have to wade through dozens of messages to find what they want. Warez goes under the warez section, warez requests goes under the warez requests section.

Also, make sure you start your topic with your name. If I were going to post some warez, I would do it "Dorz: Paint Shop ...". If you don't start your topic with your name, it will be difficult to see who all is posting without clicking on your message to see.

For now if you don't do this, I will be forced to do it for you. Don't make me waste my time sticking your message in the right folder and putting your name on it when you could be doing it yourself.

Have phun ;) Dorz

-- Anonymous, September 25, 1998

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