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I am a face to you, a few words and nothing more.

Yet you continue to accuse me to be something I am not.

Am I what you assume?

Or perhaps you just are lacking in self esteem.

Does it make you feel better to call me a bitch, a stupid one at that!

Well, just remember dear...I am real, I am human...and you are nothing more to me than a screen and a few bytes of data and an AV!

Such a wonderful place we inhabit...

No race, no gender, no apperance. No predjudice...

No predjudice...I lied. Never has there been a place where one has been so judged, so humiliated, so scorned.

But what are you judging? If you don't know what is behind AVs, if you cant see what we are dealing with, how can you pass judgement on me?

So come one! Come all! Witness this freak show we call VP! Where we are hypocrites! Where we can dish it out but we cant take it! Where we claim to hate this place but always come back...we are the disease of VP.

-- PoiSoNeD IvY (, September 06, 1998

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