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Would like to start posting some information on the topic of Knowledge Management. I recently attended the International Knowledge Management Summit (IKMS) in San Diego, CA and am looking forward to opening a dialogue among other Navy entities who are interested or tasked with this initiative. Our organization has started a pilot program for our internal web links based on the ACOM Knowledge Today model. Would be willing to share what we learned there, from their lessons learned as well as other information and KNOWLEDGE I am obtaining from various authors, symposiums, audio conferences, etc. Let me know if you have an interest.
Regards, Rosey Greer - COMNAVSECGRU

-- Rosey Greer (, August 18, 1998


I have been working with a group to establish a knowledge sharing system for carrier maintenance. We are trying to launch a few pilots and build an infrastructure. In addition to ACOM, we reviewed Chevron, NSA, and several other organizations.

For knowledge management materials, I have found the following sources to be most lucrative: (American Productivity and Quality Center) (Business research interests) (CIO magazine - especially Tom Davenport)

A few of the conclusions we have reached: Keepknowledge management initiatives tightly focused on business needs. The people part of the equation is the hardest, but the most important. The "cost of not knowing" is enormous. Too much information is as bad as not enough. (ACOM mantra.) - see also 1 Nov CIO article by Davenport.

-- Dave McCarthy (, November 10, 1998.

You might check the Knowledge Management Consortium Int'l, an association of professional KMers, at KMCI offers certification programs in KM. Most major cities are forming chapters, Washington DC (GWA) being the first. I'm President of GWA Chapter. Call with questions or email after checking (Chapters). 703/883-8815

-- Douglas Weidner (, June 04, 1999.

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