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I posted a question about batteries but before my answers came in I went out and bought a BUNCH of Yes Solar 1300mAh NiMH AAs for my Coolpix 900. I just ran a test to see how many pictures I could take, and here are the results:

qty Resolution Quality Flash? LCD? 30 1280x960 fine YES NO This is my normal mode 30 1280x960 fine YES YES 30 1280x960 fine YES YES I zoomed out/in between each 100 640x480 normal NO YES VGA sequence shots

That's right 190 pictures of various quality! I felt a mix would give a better overall eval of the batteries. I also erased the 20 MB flash between sessions. I don't use the serial link to download but I imagine it would eat batteries.

If you buy these from don't get their cheap charger. It is a quest 4 cell unit that I feel is poor quality. They have a better unit for a little bit more. Yes Solar has a complete line of batteries and chargers. I bought their multisize charger for my C, AAA, and 9 volts. It does NOT tell you when the charging cycle is complete but it will charge both NiMH and nicads.

I also like the Olympus AA charger, it is compact and it lets you know when the batteries are done! Their batteries are about the same as the Yes Solars, 1300mAh. The charger says the batteries are 650mAh but they're really 1300mAh. I got them as a set from

I saved the best for last ... they have a neat solar charger which doubles as a power supply/camera bag. I keep a set of AAs in it and I can plug it into my camera with the supplied adapter cable, cool.

-- Anonymous, August 05, 1998

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