1896 "Good Roads Rally" photo?

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I know that this is a long shot because this event was pre-quake, but I am looking for a photo/drawing/painting of the 1896 "Good Roads Rally". This involved about 5000 bicyclists riding on Market street demonstrating the need for improved roads. Any advice on where to look would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Mike Ayers

-- Michael Ayers (mrayers@inreach.com), August 05, 1998


I would check the California Information File and the San Francisco Call Index for references to newspaper articles.

-- Ron Filion (rfilion@geocities.com), August 06, 1998.

Hey, you'll love this one:

There is a nice illustration of exactly that parade in Albert Toff's book "In Old San Francisco", a collection of the cartoon-histories he drew of the city in the 1950's. You should be able to find it in the S.F. Main. It's a fun book for an S.F. history buff. The parade was held on July 25th, 1896. Some 100,000 spectators showed up.

-- Chris Dichtel (cyberiad@earthlink.net), February 01, 1999.

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