What's happening with missionaries from 1976 & 1977

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Just a quick note from one of the ancients. I just got wired, isn't that typical. I'm looking for any missionaries, elders, who served durning 1976 - 1978 especially. Anybody heard from Elder Owens, Sister Mayfield, or elder Ortiz?

-- Anonymous, August 01, 1998


living in central florida,,,the kids are growing up too fast. we just took our oldest to byu. visited the griffins while there...they look great... i look forward to hearing from other ancianos...

-- Anonymous, September 01, 1998

Ancient? Never thought of myself that way - until now! Thanks a lot!

I am Ryan D. Whitaker, 1975-1977. I started my mission when there was just one mission in Spain. I served in Sevilla under Pres. Stevens. Then the mission split 3-ways and I went north to Barcelona, where I served under Pres. Griffin.

I was married three months after returning home from Spain. My wife, Diane, and I will enjoy our 21st anniversary this November! We have four boys, ages 19, 18, 18, and 16. I am a sole-practitioner attorney in a very small town in north central Washington State.

I am amazed at how frequently I still refer back to my mission experiences in talks and lessons. I thought everyone had the same kinds of experiences in their missions, too, but I am realizing that, for some reason, we had an extra amount of spirit manifesting going on, both of the good kind and of the other kind.

I love to talk about my experiences to anybody I can corner long enough to listen. When I was a scout master, the boys wanted me to tell them ghost stories around the campfire at night. I chose to tell them Holy-Ghost stories instead, many of which were my mission experiences. They came to love the faith-inspiring stories I came up with -- and, yes, some stories did produce the desired spine-tingling effect!

I wish every reader the best. Keep the faith!

-- Anonymous, September 14, 1998

Hello Everyone! So glad I found this site. I served in the Barcelona mission from Jan. 1976 to July 1977. I have often wondered about the people I served with and hope you will respond with an email or two! My husband Michael and I are living in Smithfield, Utah, (6 miles north of Logan). We moved here last summer when he accepted the position of Logan City Engineer/Assistant Public Works Director. Previously, we lived in Salem, Oregon for 13 years, as well as Roosevelt, Utah and Phoenix, Arizona. I am licensed in Oregon as a Realtor and worked for ERA for many years. I also homeschooled my kids during their middle school years and later started a Homeschool co-operative. For several years I worked in the Children's Department of the Salem Public Library as the purchasing agent for children's books and tapes as well as other audio-visual materials. The best job I have ever had is that of being a mom!!!. We have 3 great kids, Heidi is 18 and is a Sophomore at USU on a Presidential Scholarship majoring in Chemistry and has plans to go on to medical school and become an Oncologist. Our daughter Karaleigh is 15 and a Sophomore in High School. She's into drama, driver's ed., music and loves to cook. Lots of fun and laughter with her around the house. Tim, our son, is 14, a Freshman and measures nearly 6 ft. and weighs about 185#. We call him our gentle giant and he's still growing! He is heavy into baseball, a big time Mariner's fan, plays catcher and would love to play all the time if he could,(yes, I am a baseball mom) :), as well as swimming, scouting, and anything outdoors. He tells me he wants to be a medivac helicopter pilot someday and I think he just may. He is my redhead, not as bright as mine, but red just the same. Michael and I recently celebrated our 20th. Time has gone by fast and in someways it feels like yesterday! We have been very blessed and very happy. I have served the Lord in leadership positions and count each one as a great blessing. I am presently preparing nearly 1000 names for temple work and serving in the RS Presidency. If anyone out there remembers me, drop me a note. Pennee Smith-Mecham

I would love to hear from anyone.

-- Anonymous, September 23, 1998

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