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Hey: how come your RSVP page is still under construction? I know you sent a SASE, but can't I RSVP YES electronically?

-- paul sonnenschein (, July 22, 1998


Customer - I mean guest - service

Dear Mr. Sonnenschein,

We here at pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our guests, take that feedback constructively, and engage in actions that further our goals and help us continue to build our relationship with you, the people who make our wedding possible.

The necessary development work has been undertaken, and the RSVP function is now working online. Please try our new online RSVP feature. You can keep your outdated paper response card as a momento.

Yours ever so truly,

Maggie (a.k.a. the bride)

-- Maggie Konner (, July 25, 1998.

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