What happened to the branch @ Premia de Mar?

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When I served my mission in 1988-89 there was a small but strong branch in Premia de Mar, north of Barcelona and South of Mataro on the coast. I loved the members there, particularly Roser Navarro (our duena) and Carol Baughman Rivero. I last visited in 92 and wonder what has happened there since. Anybody know anyone there? Also, we baptized Alicia Braso Soler and her daughter Africa? Does anyone know of them?

-- Anonymous, July 19, 1998


The Premia de Mar branch is now part of the Matars ward! When they created the new stakes in Barcelona/L'Hospitalet they changed boundries around, and Premia became part of the Matars ward. Roser is still very active and has a stake calling. Carol recently was divorced and now attends the Barcelona I Ward. There are many strong members from Premia, but sadly there are many inactive because they don't want to travel to Matars to go to church. With the way the church is growing in Matars and Barcelona they will probably reopen a Premia Branch because Matars will be large enough as a ward to support itself. (That's just my theory!). Anyway, there are great things that are happening on the Costa Maresme!

-- Anonymous, July 20, 1998

I have been curious about Premia as well. Some incredible people in that city. Does anyone know if any members in Premia have an email address or web page where I can ask about members specifically?

-- Anonymous, September 01, 1998

Premia del Mar

I served in Marato in 1976, and remember one time when my companion and I jumped off the train a little early coming back from Barcelona. As far as I know, we were among the first missionaries to ever attempt any work in Premia de Mar. Nothing came of that first attempt.

I got to return to Premia de Mar one time to visit a family who had given a referral to the Elders. I can't remember their name. They had two little children. They had investigated every church that came along, and were involved with the TJ's when we visited. We gave them a standard 1st discussion, and closed with a prayer and a blessing on their home. On our second visit, they were very animated to let us know that our blessing had dispelled a lot of evil spirits they had been feeling while they studied with the TJ's. We had 3, maybe 4 discussions before I was transferred and lost contact with them. I always hoped they would join the church, but I don't know if they did.

-- Anonymous, September 14, 1998

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