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I've changed to this format to make it much easier to keep track of questions and answers.

Have fun with this board. Be open and frank and we'll all learn. Remember, with Y2K everyone is a student.


-Pastor Chris

-- Anonymous, July 14, 1998


Several of the people in our church are suggesting a "church meeting" to discuss preparations for a worst case scenario. Has anyone tried something like this?


-- Anonymous, July 23, 1998

Our church just recently (August 30, 1998) had a meeting with the specific idea to inform and instruct. It was very successful. Only a handful had not heard anything at all. Most were not aware of the magnitude of the problem. We have designated a y2k group in the church. Their job is to accumulate information to help people get hard copies of birth certificates, etc. (i.e. phone numbers, addresses, hours of operation, etc.). We also have a manual that outlines some basic ways to take care of inconveniences (lack of water, food, energy). I have emphasized the need to not be extreme. We can store food for six months to a year, but not forever. There must be confidence in God's ability to provide the food, etc. when none is available. I believe that to sit back and do nothing, expecting God to take care of us when the supermarkets, etc. are full of food is a form of tempting God. When there is no food, the land can't be cultivated fast enough, no way for water, etc. w/o committing a crime, we can trust God to show us where supplies are or provide them in any manner He chooses. I have given the people a list of scriptures to study and have encouraged them that we should always be prepared for our families and have extra's to help others. A disaster should not move us to this. Being a Christian should dictate this. As a result of our meeting our members are turning away from their own selfishness and are looking to see how they can move out of their comfort zones into the lives of others.

In our meeting I presented the facts that I had and suggested "worse case scenario." I avoided over-speculating on what could happen. At the end of the meeting I had the men come forward and offer a season of prayer for the people. All prayed for there to be no fear among the people. It also allowed them to take leadership in their homes and church concerning this problem to bring a steadiness to their wives and children. If you would like a copy of the tape of the meeting I would be glad to send it to you. Email me your address if you are interested.

-- Anonymous, September 09, 1998

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