June 98: Sister Mask's News About Their Returned-Missionaries

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Thank you all for writing with your news of what is going on in your lives. We love to read the updates. Please keep them coming.

Here's what's going on:

Aaron Drussel and Roz Schiefelbine taught at the MTC last semester. Aaron sent us a couple of great nuevos and Roz is now working and living in SLC while raising a... puppy!

Rob duffin just finished a semester at the Jerusalem Center. When he got home he called the office here with a ref!

Brennan Ray is looking into engineering; last I heard he hadn't decided if he was going to play B-ball or not. Says there are things more important. He is priest quorum adviser and says that getting back into the dating scene is quite an experience.

Jeremy cowdell says he's adjusting to regular life and is grateful to have served in the Barcelona mission. He was able to go to Cara Newman's wedding and saw Mary Chiu there.

Josh Tenney (Yes! we remember you!) has been heavily involved in voice performances. He was able to sing on the same program with Michael and Jeff McClean.

Jeff Matsen delivered his homecoming speach to 750 people. They were changing ward boundaries that Sunday and there were 4 ward in attendance! He also got accepted into a special scholarship training program which will set him up for a good education.

Scheris Warmbrodt has a new job with a big raise and will finish up her degree next year.

Brad Haslam sends little nuggets of wisdom quite often and says married life is heaven.

Marie Ison is studying horticulture with an emphasis on landscaping design and loves being a woman pioneer in the field. She says she misses the spirituality of the mission and the ease of "putting the Lord first in all things". But she's doing great and is happy there are so many Barcelona Alumni at BYU. She loves seeing everyone and says Ame Hiatt is doing well, also.

Mark Parry wrote and said he's doing well and sees Scott Wierman, and David Sanderson now and then at the U.

Chris Jackson roomed with Rob Duffin and now is back in Mesa doing a route servicing pools. He made an interesting statement about finding the right girl. He said he wanted someone who loves the Lord with all her heart and who makes him laugh! That is a very wise statement. Both those things are HIGH priority for a happy life.

Carissa Brown is home and enjoying family (especially her little nephew) and friends. Her omecoming wasn't until yesterday because there are so many farewells, and homecomings in her ward. Mike Wright is at Duquesne University and is the tour director for the Chamber Singers. They are doing a European Tour and Spain is included.! They want to sing at the new stake center on 'Temple Square' in Madrid and at Montserrat! (We're working on those names and phone numbers, Mike. And Thank you so much for the choir article from La Vanguardia off the internet. I loved it!) Exciting. He also was able to partcipate in the teaching and baptizing of a good friend of his.

Rik Andes sent a wonderful detailed message about life at home and then sent quite a piece of creative writing. (We have the covers for your mother's scriptures, Rik. Send 1600 pesetas and we'll mail them right away.)

Jeremy Taylor is home and well.

Catherine Duez and Nicole Walker both wrote and expressed gratitude for having served as missionaries. We miss them both, and of course we remember you, Nicole!

And last but of course, not least-- The announcements!

David Nelson is engaged to his former girlfriend, current fiance. Her name is Heather and he sent the most wonderful, DETAILED message about how it all happened. I LOVE details!! He even included photos!!

Rich Day is head over heels in love and is engaged to Andrea Jorgenson, Elder Jorgensen's sister and they are planning a September wedding.

Kyle Sheffer is engaged to Karen Sevy, a returned missionary from Madrid. They were in the same FHE group at BYU.

And as previously mentioned, Cara Newman married Jeff Foss, her old boyfriend, I believe, but I just heard that from the grapevine Cara, so if it's wrong, how aobut YOU write me.

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to all these wonderful people.

We wish you a life of happiness serving the Lord. Sister Mask

-- Anonymous, June 30, 1998

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