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I am interested to find out about organisations with Call Centres who have had success with introduction of teams.

In particular I would like to identify organisations in Canada, UK and Ireland.

A senior Centrelink staff member will be visiting call centres in Canada, UK and Ireland in the next few months and I'd like to be able to suggest some Call Centres to visit to see how well Teams can work in a Call Centre environment.

-- Jean McIntyre (, June 23, 1998


Can I suggest the British Gas Trading National Sales Centre in Helmont House, Churchill Way, Cardiff, South Wales. The general Manager is Chris Sweeney and hos tel 01222 584 033. You can mention my name. I have worked as a consultant with BG for ten years and have been impressed with this particular call centre as have others.

James THornhill

-- James Thornhill (, December 20, 1998.

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