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C&A have had a code of conduct for their suppliers for some time now. As far as I know it is one of the best of any mainstream clothing retailers. Visit their Web site and ask for a copy to be posted to you. See the page "caring about people" page at http://www.fashion-lifestyle.com/data/about_us/english/t2.html Keep an eye on the site and the code may well be published on the Web.

-- James Towell (jtowell@patrol.i-way.co.uk), June 23, 1998


C&A does not deserve to be called the most ethical mainstream clothing retailer. There have been numerous reports detailing poor conditions at the companies factories around the world - from poor wages to harrassment to overlong working hours. The company's code is lacking in specific targets and is monitored by a group funded by C&A (hardly independent by any description). Unlike clothing retailers Littlewoods and Monsoon, C&A is not a member of the UK's Ethical Trading Initiative and shows no interest in becoming so. So although the company is moving in the right direction, it still has a fair way to go.

Jonathan Atkinson, Ethical Consumer Clothing Editor

-- Jonathan Atkinson (EC Clothing ed) (ethicon@mcr1.poptel.org.uk), May 06, 1999.

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