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Back in 1991, President Judd asked Valencia District President Tomas Martinez to leave his bakery business to serve a two week mission. The idea apparently was to show us missionaries that President Judd's goals were indeed inspired and attainable, given sufficient faith and hard work. During that time there was quite a bit of complaining and moaning about those "metas con fechas" of President Judd.

Tomas agreed to serve the mini-mission and President Judd put him together with one of the A.P.s, Elder Guymon. Then they went to work and by the end of those two weeks they had baptized six or seven people that they themselves had found.

They pioneered a technique of street contacting that had amazing results. Tomas once shared with me his experience during those two weeks and I was astounded. It would be great if we could track these two individuals down and have them write of their experience and the technique that they used during that mini-mission so that we could put the information on the mission web site.

If anyone has information on either of these two, please let me know. Last I heard, Tomas was no longer in Spain, but was living in the States with his wife and kids. Elder Guymon I never really met and only visually saw him once during the mission. I have heard that he was a man of great faith and would love to know his side of the story that I heard from Tomas. Tomas I know was a man of great faith and a tremendous worker.

Thanks, Dean, for this opportunity to post this message.

The former Elder Kelly Mordaunt

-- Anonymous, June 22, 1998


President Tomas Martinez and Elder Guymon

Elder Guymon's first name is Paxton. He lives in Salt Lake City. According to directory info, this is his address and telephone:

Paxton Guymon 4424 Lemans Dr Salt Lake City, UT 84124-2475 Phone: (801)268-9663

According to directory assistance, Tomas Martinez lives in Sandy at this address:

Tomas Martinez 2 Longwood Ln, Sandy, UT 84092-4856 Phone: (801)572-0212

Hope that helps.

-- Anonymous, July 01, 1998

I know as of last year Tomas Martinez is living in Utah Close to Salt Lake I believe, I actually ran in to him at the resturant in the top of the joseph Smith Memorial bldg! It was pretty cool! He and his wife are on the mission list!

-- Anonymous, June 26, 1998

I've tried to contact Tomas via his e-mail address on the mission web site but that address is no longer valid. Marc Morley recently e-mailed me and said that he ran into Tomas a few years ago in Provo and that he was living in Sandy at the time. He also said he went to Guymon's homecoming in Sandy, so maybe Guymon is still there. I'll try information for Tomas Martinez in Sandy, Utah. Maybe that'll get me somewhere. But I still don't know Guymon's first name (I never really met him.)

-- Anonymous, June 27, 1998

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