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I attended a board meeting to try and get a limited travel team started. I stated at the meeting I would get info from the local competition.Well the people I know only coach they had nothing to do with the organizing part.I will try within the next month to get organizational info from further up in the neighboring clubs. However,you had a DVHL site with names that I could use.I could use some DVHL names and phone numbers.

-- Anonymous, May 26, 1998


Mike, The DVHL didn't like my site so they forced me out and they're doing their own. You can get the list from Dwight Kuhn, who is our DVHL rep. His number is in the phone book, in Hershey. Sam Reed is also the new 2nd DVHL rep, maybe he has that info already. You can also get it at the next board meeting, I don't know when that is yet.

Bill Hines

-- Anonymous, June 04, 1998

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