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I am doing a paper regarding the team concept and how this can be implemented where labor unions exist. I would be interested in any advice for those who have had experience here and if the there are any specific steps to be taken to incorporate these two very differing opinions on teams in a unionized organization. My conclusion is that it's possible and unions will need to recognize this but also, from the organizations stand point, specifics steps an organization should take while implementing TRUE teams into their organization. Thanks (what a great place to get info, eh?)

-- Lisa McRoberts (, April 19, 1998


There is a very good understanding of the need for workers to have nmore say in how the work is done. The inference that unions "need" to understand this is a bit off-base. For decades, unions have championed the idea of workers being involved in the decisions that affect their ability to earn a living. The disputes between companies and unions occur when the questions turn to sharing the profits and advances created by the partnership. Sooner or later we all have to realize that it isn't really "us & them", there is only us.

-- kevin cummings (, July 27, 1998.

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