Urgent Meeting with Deb req'd?

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Some of us in the Training Team think that there should be an urgent meeting with Deb, regarding:

1. Money issues to Interns - same like last year? - who pays for accomodation - any changes/updates we should know about before we meet with the Interns??? Meetings continue next week, so a meeting before then would be real important

2. Plane tickets - scheduling, reservations, and pricing 3. Use of MIT, MISTI logo on fax sheets to Chinese schools 4. Proposal for small communications budget for Interns

What do you guys think? Jake is coordinating when/where.

Hey, please reply to say you're reading this bulletin, so I know I'm not writing to an empty network, ok?


-- Anonymous, March 13, 1998


We had an ad hoc urgent meeting with Deb on Monday, 16 March, 1998. We finalized:

* Money issues * Airline itinerary arrangements, and misc. travel arrangements * School List; right now uncertain is All Girls' School (Deb, Jake, and Ting are working on this) and Bayi (yet to hear any good specific information)

Someone better post something saying that this bulletin board is used, or I think I'm sending bits into cyber-nowhere-space!


-- Anonymous, March 18, 1998

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