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I realize that virtually all government records in SF were destroyed by fire in 1906 (or in many cases, well before then!) and that much of the records that remain have been re-created from newspapers of the time. My question: other than newspapers of the time, does any other source of such information exist? I'm interested in a court case that took place in San Francisco 1853-54--a breach of contract case brought against a man who broke his engagement to the woman who sued him. Not an earth-shattering case in the broader scheme of things, but I'm interested in info about the woman involved. Ideas, anyone?

-- Dorothy (, March 10, 1998



If you find out about the 1853-54 newspapers please let me know. I am trying to find out about the death of my gr gr gr grandfather. Thanks, Chriss

-- Chriss (, October 18, 1998.

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