Why is San Francisco a forward looking city?

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Hello, my name is Oliver Bennett. I'm a UK travel writer coming to San Francisco in late March to do a travel story on San Francisco for a series in the Times (of London) called 21st Century Cities (others have included Sydney and Capetown). What I want is to ask is -- What are the historical reasons for San Francisco becoming a place noted for being so progressive (politically, sexually, etc) and forward thinking? Is it the Faultline, the fog, something in the water? I'd love to hear your thoughts, and maybe even use quotes (if you'd like to be attributed, please say so. Please e-me, even if you disagree... Many, many thanks

-- Oliver Bennett (benheals@.aol.com), March 02, 1998


The historical reasons for this forward city ("forward" -- not necessarily "forward thinking") stem from the rapid development during the Gold Rush. The City went from about 600 souls to 34,776 in 1852. SF grew faster than any city in the history of the world. Law 'n order couldn't keep up with the bold Yankees and fortune seekers from around the globe. Then as now, people come here and do things they would NEVER do at home. However, one could say much the same about New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Rio de Janiero, and London. All are noted ports of call to travellers, who initially arrived in those cities for the most part, by ship.

-- Dianne Levy (dalf@pacbell.net), April 19, 1998.

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