What feature was used in Jurracic Park the movie to make dinos?

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What scientific technique was used in the movie jurrassic park to make the dinosaurs? The complete procedure.

-- Giri (gvedula@wvu.edu), March 01, 1998


Let's see if I can remember...

Mosquitos preserved in amber were found with the blood and DNA of Dinosaurs inside them (Mosquitos suck blood). They removed this DNA and added the missing sections by interlacing the DNA with DNA from a certain kind of Frog (or Toad?). Once complete, the DNA was injected into a bird's egg (ostrich?) because birds are the closest relatives to a dinosaur living today. The egg would then incubate, and hatch, then BOOM!!! You have a Dino.

Of course, in real life, the egg would reject the new DNA and you would get no Dino.

-- Ryan Cross (racross@webtv.net), April 19, 1998.

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