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Emily is recovering well from her surgery. We fully expect this to be the last for her. We are gearing up for Michael tonsillictomy on Wednesday. But were are excited for Monday's holiday. I think we celebrate the adulterer and philanderer's day. I've been working on a web page as an associate. If anyone orders books through my page I get a percentage. It is kind of a challenge I made with my students so we are all trying to see who will be the first to make a buck. The address is:

Well goodbye for now. Check in with you all later. John M. Bernhisel

-- Anonymous, February 14, 1998


We have been trapped by our kindness. The LDS lady we bought polygamist bread from brought us over a bag of granola yesterday which we bought for $6.00. I'm sure that it will all cost us our temple reccomends but we just need to hang on to them until after Tricia's supposed "quicky" wedding on March 14th. Yes that's right Tricia's decided to throw caution and sensibility to the wind and elope to the Jordan Temple. She's marrying early in hopes of increasing the chances of Wade getting custody of this kids from the Felon who has them now. Be good. Love, John M. Bernhisel

-- Anonymous, February 17, 1998

Glad Emily is OK. 1 down three to go.

Emily is such a sweet little girl, it will be good to see her back to normal. Hope her problem doesn't resurface. Good luck to Mike.

Nice board. I like it.

-- Anonymous, February 16, 1998

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