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Were you happy with your draft? When can you play? Are you looking to trade anyone or have any specific needs? Later,dude!

-- Richard (rickdey@erols.com), February 03, 1998



The draft was ok. No #1 so my excitement level was not what its been in the past. My trade with Proffit (Escobar, J. McDonald, Remlinger, future 4th) for (Percival, Burba, future 7th) should help me this year. Never been a playoff team. Hopefully, that will change this year. I need 1 more position player to give me more flexability but besides that just lots of greese. See ya Saturday afternoon.

-- Mike Parker (jmparker@prodigy.net), February 04, 1998.


Ducking me already, eh? I thought I had a very Deyerle-like draft, taking nothing but cards, cards, cards... fortunately everyone else was wasting their early picks on Ken Cloude, so I was able to get whom I had identified to fill my gaps. MP's on tap for tonite, Jer tomorrow.

-- Whale (trout@intelligencia.com), February 06, 1998.

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