What about an Internet Cafe at the RISC

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There are many campaigners and people interested in International issues who don't have ready access the the Internet. I believe there are quite a few services in Reading already (Laserquest has a cafe, and the main Reading library does something). I could probably borrow some old hardware which would be perfectly suited to browsing. There are other costs and practical considerations. Who would benefit? Does anyone have any feelings on this?

-- James Towell (jtowell@patrol.i-way.co.uk), January 02, 1998


We are discussing how we ake best advantage of the net at CAT. One main idea is to down load web pages onto a hard disk, focusing people to work only with information about sustainability - there is a lot out there. A secondary thought is how to discourage certain individuals from hogging the machine and limiting access for others. If it is part of RISC perrhaps it should be encouraged for the content of the info at the RISC cafe should be relevent to the ideals of RISC and not just general potentially offensive/irrelevant material.

-- steve jones (steve@cleanslate.force9.co.uk), March 20, 1998.

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