What is the Universal Language ?

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This question IS the answer, because only using the language we can ask or answer. In this context, to define what is the Universal language has not sense. Language is/not/is/not... the definition of Language. Without this instrument it's impossible to have some kind of comunication. We can "understand" the other because this specific subject can give us the answer for what we understand by the non defined language that we are using when we talk, write or whatever... The experiments with animals are a good example about what is Language in formalist terms: a way of comunication and understanding. But something that we have to know is that the animals can not TALK with us. Are we who can "talk" with them finding (reflecting?) OUR language in the image of the subject-animal. The comunication between individuals is not only the expression of feelings by words or body action. We can have comunication when we are dreaming or in another kind of situation. With the influence of some drugs we can comunicate in other levels. And we can "understand" another "realities". But the problem is that we are not under drugs all the time. The madness will take us to the world of the not-notion of comunication... and the Universal Language will not exist for a crazy individual.

Language can be a-priori what is Language a-posteriori Language can be a-posteriori what is Language a-priori Those are only simple options

How can I talk now if is not using my/your Language?

Can we try to understand another meaning of Language looking behind to the Art History or to all the HUMAN History ? It is Philosophy the right way to comprehend ...what philosophers are using all the time: Language ?

If is there a Universal Comunication that is not a new thing. Because we are talking since the begining.

-- Damian Toro (a_posteriori@hotmail.com), October 28, 1997

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