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OK folks
We had a problem with the initial MHCUG member forum. It seems that the full length title that I gave it (Mid-Hudson Computer User Group Member Forum) resulted in a string too long for certain browsers to parse correctly.
That is why those of you using Prodigy were unable to access our newforum yesterday.
My tests showed that the OS/2 WebExplorer and Mosaic had the same difficulty.
Thus, this new try - with a shorter name. Sorry that the inaugral messages were lost. Well, not lost, just no longer accessible (grin).
Notice that I put the "grin" inside parenthesis rather than the usual less-than and greater-than symbols. This is because all text entered in this message field is actually HTML.
Thus a "grin" or anything else inside those brackets is interpreted as an HTML tag. Since "grin" is not recognized, it is dropped.
The benefits of this fact include the ability to include "live" links to Web pages. Like mine.
You may also include tags to format your messages.
For example, I've used the "BR" tags to force line returns.

I could have used a "P" tag to begin a new paragraph,as in this sentence.

So, enjoy your new Web-based forum.

Please remember that responding to a message continues a thread, while a new message creates a new thread.

More to follow later


-- Anonymous, August 12, 1997


Spoke too soon

Well, I thought I found the problem.
Not the case. WebEx and Mosaic still do not work.
I haven't asked our Prodigy users to try again as I write this; but I expect they still cannot access.

Back to the drawing board . . .

- Pat -

-- Anonymous, August 12, 1997

Prodigy test


I just sent an e-mail to you. Would you check to see if Prodigy is now able to access this forum?

I tested with IBM WebEx and Mosaic. They fail to resolve URL from password entry screen. I will start a non-password forum to see if this is the gate to operation by non-Netscape and MS IE browsers.


-- Anonymous, August 12, 1997

Let's see if I can help kick things off. I'm viewing this with Netspace 2.02 for OS/2. Since I don't know HTML, I'm just typing straight text, hoping it will wrap as required.

OK, here I hit Enter a couple of times to start a new paragraph.

When I use the browser's feature to see the document source, it only shows me the top frame with the subject list. I can't figure out how to display the lower frame with the HTML samples Pat put into his message.

Putting asides into less-than/greater-than brackets is a widespread practice. I've got a feeling it's going to cause headaches for people for some time. There's got to be an escape mechanism so you can put those characters in your message as text.

Time to get to work.

Regards, Charlie

-- Anonymous, August 12, 1997

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