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I am hereby resigning my rank of Grand Admiral due to impatience with members and just frustrations with the duties presented to me, i will still maintain the webpages, but i will no longer command the elite pilots of FAS, Grand Admiral Roslin is now in command, follow his orders as if they were mine, good day all.

Dax Zo'us

-- Dax Zo'us- FAS Webmaster (, August 01, 1997


Good bye, Grand Admiral

You have served the Empire well, and will be sorely missed... good luck on your further journeys...

Jedi Raptor

-- Jedi Raptor (, August 01, 1997.

Your efforts were valiant sir. My freind I hope your further tasks may take up your time and not waste it as FAS did. Goodbye, old friend

-- anonymously answered, August 01, 1997

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