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Welcome, SNBNet reader (or, web surfer), to the SNBNet Forum. This threaded newsgroup-type web page is up so that my readers can interact with one another through posted messages. The main topics of discussion here should be those discussed in SNBNet, such as Physics, controversies behind AOL, and other similar things (hence the name of the NewsGroup). As it is that SNBNet is the website about "nothing in specific, and many things in general", I could not give a very apt subject title like other news-topics managers did. I apoligize for this inconvenience. If you stumbled onto this newsgroup by accident, yet would like to know more about it, and it's topics of discussion, so that you can more readily join in the discussion, please check out SNBNet. Thank you for visiting the SNBNet Forum.

-- Soumendra Banerjee (Soumendra_B@email.msn.com), July 24, 1997

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