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let's talk about cool games. I like need for speed because it has really neat graphics and all the information about cars.

-- Ana (jade@bbs.yab.com), July 15, 1997


computer games

what's multiplayer like?

tie fighter that's one of the star wars games right? i think my dad has that. he just got a whole bunch of new games with his new cd rom there's a star wars game in it and there's wing commander. that one looks like fun

-- anastacia albinda (jade@bbs.yab.com), July 18, 1997.

network games

umm. sometimes me and my dad play doom over the network. it's a pretty scary game! he has a couple of other network games too. is rebel moon a network game? he has that and really likes it.I like to play some of the java games on the webpages. we have on my page this really neat little rpg text game called treasure that my mom got from javaboutique it's fun but i haven't won yet. what java games do you like?

-- ana (jade@bbs.yab.com), July 25, 1997.


I like X wing vs Tie Fighter... and I just cannot wait for Ultima Multiplayer!

-- Ken Raisor (ken@metatronics.com), July 18, 1997.

Wing Commander

Ive never played wing commander, but my roommate has it, it looks like a lot of fun.

do you play any network games?

-- Ken Raisor (ken@metatronics.com), July 19, 1997.

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