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Collision repair shops are constantly under the gun to comply,comply, comply. Paint manufacturers had to re-think their products to keep both the government AND their customer base happy. Many shop managers almost had to re-learn how to manage a shop once the EPA turned the spotlight on. Waste management doesn't HAVE to be a headache - especially in light of the information made available thru the Web. Too MUCH information, however, can be even more confusing than not enough information. Change in waste management methods are often resisted only because they are not widely known. Shops don't HAVE to have barrels of paint waste and used spraybooth filters hauled away for exhorbitant fees. TCLP testing is available to certify waste stream products as non-hazardous; making such items acceptable to incinerators and landfills. TCLP testing creates, under laboratory conditions, the same conditions that would develop over time in a landfill, and determines what characterists would "leech" from a particular waste product. TCLP took the place of the EP-Tox test and is widely accepted by solid waste authorities, landfill operators and incinerator managers.

Collision repair shops have enough battles on their hands. They fight every day with insurance companies over capping, and they spend large amounts of money to keep OSHA and the EPA happy. They struggle to retain talented painters and frame specialists, and managers frequently ask themselves why they have to take so much grief when all they want to do is take pride in their work and make a living. So why not one less headache? By having an open mind, shops can change waste management into waste MANAGEABLE and start retaining alot more of their revenue.

Tara L. Munro DLH Environmental

-- Tara L. Munro (, July 10, 1997

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