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There's a person standing in your shop that's neither staff, customer or vendor. That person is from the local Dept of the Environment and they are headed straight for your dumpster. What are they looking for? How about old paint cans with more than an inch of paint left in them? How about still bottoms or spraybooth/prep deck filters that haven't been tested? The DEQ just asked one of your employees what you folks do with the runoff from wash bays or the water residue out the aqueous-based (jet) parts washer. Since you can read lips and hand gestures, you see the employee pointing at the floor drain and saying "In the drain. Where else would we put it?" Is it any wonder that paint shop owners get ulcers?

Are we psychic? Unfortunately, no. The scenario described above is frighteningly common. The shop owner now faces a huge fine and two weeks to get all the violations corrected. Its a rough way to go. It sometimes means the end of a small business, or a very big dent in the operating budget of a large shop. A $10,000 fine for a used spraybooth filter in your shop dumpster can ruin your day. Get them tested..maintain filter change records...cover your back.

-- Tara L. Munro (, June 21, 1997


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-- Tara L. Munro (, June 27, 1997.

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