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We sure hate hogging the spotlight in this folder and we are pretty sure that there are shop owners and painters out there that have questions. We spend a lot of time in the field listening to frustrated painters and painting shop managers who feel that they have to spend alot of dollars to be in compliance and cover their backs. Please feel free to vent your spleens here.. that is the whole idea of this folder. We do understand that there are some shops that don't object to giving away large chunks of their revenue every month to commercial recyclers. If there ARE any shops out there that would like to retain more of their profits, we'd love to hear from you. You'd be amazed at the ways you can LEGALLY keep alot more of your money, remain in compliance and even lose some of those paperwork headaches!

-- Tara L.Munro (dlhe1@aol.com), June 20, 1997


Re: Pet Peeves

Would help to know the types of services that are available and also what we need to do to be in compliance with regs in our own specific areas I.E New Hampshire. Any information you can give should be posted to this site and we can the [with Richard Arnold's permission]link to this page from other sites.

-- Tony Lombardozzi (asatony1@earthlink.net), June 21, 1997.

I will address this in two fashions: one way for those who surf the Web and the other for those who haven't the time or a decent browser. The surfers can head straight for http://members.aol.com/dlhe1

For the non-surfers:

1. The problem: Shops think they have to have the following hauled away as hazardous waste:

Spraybooth filters, prep deck filters, still bottoms, liquid paint waste, used solvents, waterwash spraybooth sludge, residue from aqueous parts washers, brake washers (to name a few)

2. Common solutions:

a) Commercial recyclers, b) hazardous waste handlers, c) creative disposal methods (another way of saying options that are not legal and can result in BIG fines if a shop is found to be using them)

3. Another option:

Have waste stream products (such as those named above) subjected to TCLP testing and deemed appropriate for local disposal (landfills, incinerators, etc). Yes- it IS legal. Yes - regulatory authorities ARE aware of it and approve.

Let's take a moment to address an issue that we see ALOT of: LIQUID PAINT WASTE. Paint waste is hauled away by the barrels. Alternative? A distillation system that cooks out the paint waste when you cut the mix with some of your used thinner. The finished product is called a "still bottom". It resembles a big, ugly cookie about 1" thick. In this dry, hardened form it can subjected to TCLP testing. TCLP testing determines that it does not contain excessive levels of metals and can be disposed of with the rest of your shop waste. Bear in mind, on very RARE occasions, waste products can fail TCLP testing but only if a paintshop shoots a paint product that is riddled with chromates, etc. The guys that paint city trucks, snowplows, etc see the most of those excessive levels. The paint manufacturers now produce LF (lead-free) & CF (chromate-free) products that take the shop owners away from those concerns.

Every shop is different but the waste management problems are pretty much the same across the United States.

We didn't dream this stuff up. One big indicator is the manual that was distributed to every GM dealership in the U.S. Its called "Living With The Environment". Its a manual that outlines every waste management trouble spot known to shop operations and recommends that waste products be subjected to TCLP testing. Its common sense, its cost effective, and its a legal response to every shop owner's regulatory burden.

If you have more questions and can't get to our web site, feel free to call us at 1-888-226-6040. We can send you a brochure, we can answer your questions, we can help!

-- Tara L. Munro (dlhe1@aol.com), June 21, 1997.

Please note that our URL has changed.. we can be found at www.dlhe.com. Please make a note of the new address - we'd hate to think we left anybody behind. The address may be different but our site is the same..full of information that can be very helpful for painting/coating professionals !!

-- Tara L. Munro (dlhe1@aol.com), June 27, 1997.

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