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Response to Recording back to DV problem using permier 6.5

from Adam ghanbari (aghanbari@comcast.net)
To solve the problem, I installed an Adaptec "Fire Connect 4300" card. The board cost $48.99 at circuit city store. I disconnected my on board Fire Wire port "Asus A7N8x MB". Before lunching the premiere software, connect the fire wire to camcorder with a blank tape of course, and turn the power on. You will hear a beep and Digital video device window will come on. This is the same window that comes on when you put a CD in CD ROM with option of Window Media Player, Real One player or Take no action icon. Click "Edit and Record Video using Adobe Premiere 6.5" Icon which in turn, will lunch the Premiere. Load your project and select export timeline from file menu and export to tap option and check record box and hit ok. Good Luck
(posted 5420 days ago)

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