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Response to Sony TRV30E USB driver problems

from Rashad (rmohamed@bigpond.net.au)
(Tried to submit and found that my text was too long - will try and split it up):

Hi, I have had some limited success with the USB driver, so I hope an account of it will help. My brother has a trv30e and asked me (as a computer person) to help him with the PC connection. Boy, it's amazing how much hassle these things can be! First off, for some reason the manual he is using is half English and half Russian. And I mean really half! Each page is split into two columns - 1 in english, 1 in Russian - You cannot believe how hard it is to read this manual! anyway, my brother runs Win XP and I run Win98SE. I first set it up on my PC, so I'll talk about Win98SE. And I really think that you will have a problem with Win98 (NOT Second Edition) as its support for USB is awful/non-existent (I hear). The setup was a real learning experience as I started with the belief that I could transfer movies up/down using USB. Soon realized that the USB on the trv30e only allows transfer of image files from the memory stick. OK - won't recount a few aborted attempts - but to get it to work, this was the sequence:

(posted 5768 days ago)

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