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Good DV capture card

from Ridz van der Maar (vandermaar@pacific.net.sg)
Can anyone help me with this little problem i've got.

I recently bought a new pc with a P4 2.4GHz, 512M DDRAM with 120GB of harddisk space to use for my DV editing hobby.

I am using the Panasonic NV-EX21 DV Camera that comes bundled with a capture card (from Panasonic) and the Panasonic DV editing software Motion DV Studio. I am more accustomed with Adobe Premiere to do my editing, though.

The problem i got is everytime i try to capture any video footage to my pc, i will have dropped frames. And this is starting to irritate the geez out of me!! This happens everytime when i try to capture either from Premiere or Motion DV Studio.

I've even disabled a few options (like preview during capture, as recommended by some books) but the result is still the same - dropped frames!!

Can anyone recommend me a good DV capture card that would get me out of my misery...

Can this problem be also related to the compatability of the graphic card, motherboard(both from MSI) or OS(windows XP) that i use...

-need help.

(posted 5862 days ago)

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