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Response to how can i transfer a video from the pc to a digital camara

from Nachiket Desai (nachiket@hotmail.com)

Here's how u transfer the edited video from adobe premeire to dv cam. If the File Menu->Export->Print to Tape or Record to tape.

This would actually use your camera (hooked up with 1394) as a recording deck. This would record the edited video on the dv tape. Ofcourse all this if your dv cam has record feature.

Once this is done you can simply hook up your cam to a vcr and record it on VHS. U could also directly record to VHS by previewing the edited footage is premeire, with dv cam hooked up...and connecting the video out of the cam (which usually connects to a video monitor) to the VCR.

If I confused you, please write to me on my email (so that we dont clutter the discussion) and I'd be glad to help you out.

cheers Nachi

(posted 6058 days ago)

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