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Sound Design Issue

from Bandana Entertainment (Gama1266@aol.com)
I have a sound issue that I hope you can clarify for me. I shot Marrakech on DV. I am giving my DV locked picture to the sound editor (who also handled the sound mixing during the shooting of the movie) . He knew this was a DV project from the beginning when he agreed to take on the sound design and that he'd be receiving the locked master on DV and that I had cloned my 18 DV tapes for backup and security. He now insists on having the material be given to him on either SVHS or Beta SP. If we assume he has the appropriate equipment, why would he want to go this route (analog)? He plans to give us his edit on WAVE files and/or CDA.

He contends that the sound quality will not be diminished. It strikes me as a step backward. I've been told Beta SP is a dead format and that Sony no longer makes Beta SP decks.

It is my understanding that working in Digital, using FCP, Protools, etc., is now the industry standard. Could his position be linked to equipment? Perhaps, he lacks sufficient hard drive space or the ability to work with DV ?

Is his position unreasonable? Since the project is DV, I'd prefer (a position also shared by the DP and editor) that he stick to this format and maintain its integrity. I would appreciate your giving me your thoughts about this as soon as you have a free moment - this keeps dragging on and I'd like to be in a position to knowledgeably present an argument why the sound editor must stick to the DV format (or why he doesn't need to - whatever is the appropriate position).

(posted 6098 days ago)

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