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Panasonic pv-dv1000 problems

from Jon Stephens (cineprod@hotmail.com)
I'm having a new problem with my pv-dv1000 when I go to playback a tape in "VCR" mode - I rewind the tape and the led on the "camera/vcr" switch starts blinking twice and won't let me do anything at all - including power down. Frustrating to say the least, especially since there is absolutely no mention of that led in the manual whatsoever. If I shoot new tape with it, it will playback, but the image ends up with several "shifted" vertical portions of the image, almost "mosaic" looking, and the unit will unexpectedly power itself down. I think the thing may be hosed, but I was curious if other users have run into any similar behavior. Does this sound like something as simple as a clogged head, even though no clogged head indicator is showing in the viewfinder? Thanks for reading.


Best of luck, and happy shooting,

(posted 6226 days ago)

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