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Response to VX1000 and NLE Systems

from Steve Bailey (stebai@worldnet.att.net)
I've seen the dv-rex m1 in use on a pc and it seems ok, though since you have a dv camcorder with firewire capability already a strictly dv editing solution would seem less expensive. A nice new Mac G4 with 128 megs of RAM will run about $1900. It already has a firewire input so you'll only need the software to pull it in and edit it. You can get Final Cut Pro from Apple for about $1000 or Edit DV from Digital Origin (a great choice) for a couple hundred less. Also, you'd want to get a good 7200 rpm, Ultra DMA video hard drive to go with your system hard drive, another $300 for a 20 to 27 gig drive.
(posted 6972 days ago)

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