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Matrox RT2000 - Real time for $1,295 list????

from Stewart Lewis (stewlewis@aol.com)
I am just getting into NLE and want to do it in right, i.e. in real time. I want to but the right equipment one time (as much as is posible with the quickly changing technology.)I don't want to outgrow the card I buy in six months time.

I have been thinking of purchasing a Pinnacle DC1000 or Conopus DVRex-M1 with RT upgrade.

I just heard the Matrox RT2000 will soon be released at a list of $1,295. Does it have keying? What do the other two have that it does not? At that price it must be missing something.

Bottom Line: What card should I buy?

(posted 6996 days ago)

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