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Response to G3 B&W and DV

from Luis Remesar (coyotep@earthlink.net)
Unfortunately EditDV has no capture module. DO's module is a stand alone capture app. called MotoDV.

As far a DV enabler and DV support, these should be extensions installed in your system by the apple sytem installer.

Since you already have the VX 1000 and the Mac committ all the way and buy Final Cut Pro. It's $999 but worth ten times that when you compare it with Premiere, EditDV, and everything else out there, unless you're willing to go to a much higher price range, say Avid or Media 100 ($20,000 - $150,0000 when all is said and done). And that's still analog video in, not Firewire

(posted 7060 days ago)

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