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Response to I'll Give You Credit

from nate ford (lynn@javanet.com)
I'm in the process of putting together a system myself, so I'm new at this. What I do know is DOCUMENTARY = LOTS OF FOOTAGE. The thing that seems most attractive about the FireMax system is that its card/ software lets you capture the footage at low-res draft mode, getting many hours of footage onto a cheap 14-gig drive. You edit the crappy looking video, then, you create an Edit Decision List, erase the crappy footage, and then use Premiere's Batch Digitize mode to re- capture only the footage that made the cut, this time, in full quality. This is the way people have used Avid's and other NLE's for years. First, you do an "offline" edit, then an "online" when you have finalized your editing choices. For some reason, the other firewire cards don't seem to give you this option, only digitizing at the one high-quality/low compression rate, hogging up expensive hard drive space.
(posted 7198 days ago)

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