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Response to how much for film transfer?

from Maxie D. Collier (dvfilmmaker@hotmail.com)
Hey Chris,

Congrats on finishing post. Re: transfers, best and cheap are kinda on opposite ends of the spectrum. For the least expensive you can check with the Canadian National Film Board at http://www.nfb.ca . They use a process called a Trinescope that is also used at several companies in the US for low cost video to 16mm film. However, with the Canadian exchange rate, there price ends up being about $48 (US) per minute versues places in the US that charge $60-$90 for the same process.

If you email them and ask about video to film, they will have someone contact you re: conducting a test (highly recommended), payment terms, etc.

They do not recommend you use the process if your project has a lot of wide shots, rapid camera movement, computer effects.

A higher quality, but more expensive alternative is the Four Media Corporation http://www.4mc.com. They run about $150 per minute to transfer to 16mm.

For a complete list of video to film companies, visit: http://members.xoom.com/dvfilmmaker/resources.html

Good luck!

Maxie Collier

(posted 7240 days ago)

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